CSI covers Homeless Insurance murders

CSI:NY paralleled the story of women taking men in off the street and killing them, then claiming their life insurance.

You remember Helen Golay and 75-year-old Olga Rutterschmidt?

  • (You’ll know you’ve landed in Hell if these two are on the Welcoming Committee to your after life.)
  • The story is retold with in New york by younger, villains played by Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Manillo. Kim is (at least on the outside) prettier than these two women who took in homeless men off the streets, established relationships with them and then murdered them for life insurance policies.

    Quotes from tonight’s show include phrases like “They lived on the street like dogs. they left their feces in doorways and cardboard boxes”.

    As far as art imitating life, the story seems far fetched and extreme – but I doubt it is as extreme as you might think. Visable homeless epople make us feel uncomfortable, sometimes guilty and all together awkward, especially at the holidays.

    There doesn’t seem to be one easy and clean solution which is frustrating and it is inconvenient to have all the toy drives, food collections and reminders to serve the homeless interfering the the gluttonous joy of wish lists, holiday parties and indulgence.

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