$2 a day for the 12 days of Christmas

$2 a day can make transition from the streets into new housing more comfortable. I went to the 99cent only store last night and this hit me:

things a newly housed person needs but won’t have because there is no need for them on the streets or no place to store these item – for $24 you can be a part of the change in a meaningful way.

$1 hand soap
$1 dish soap
$1 bowl
$1 bagged salad
$1 salad dressing
$1 storage containers or ziplock bags (because now they have a fridge and can store Ready to eat and cookable healthy food – and store left overs)
$1 bag of oranges
$1 kitchen towel
$1 kitchen sponge
$1 toilet paper
$2 picture frames – for the first time they will have a safe and secure place to display pictures!
$2 silverware
$2 two plates
$1 shampoo
$1 hair conditioner
$1 bubble bath or shower gel
$1 plunger
$1 spatula
$1 can opener
SPONGES, CLEANING PRODUCTS, Bathroom and kitchen cleaner

This is $22 of item purchases, I am leaving room for sales tax.
I always know someone who is moving from Homelessness to Housing. You can contact your local homeless shelter, or agency that assists in temporary to permanent housing (like PATH for instance) and donate $24 of 99Cent store items for an affordable and really meaningful donation any time of year!

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