Women’s Care Cottage closing

On December 2nd residents of the Women’s care Cottage received letters that they are losing their shelter housing. I know this because I spent the day talking to these women about what to do next. I did not see the information on their web site.http://www.womenscarecottage.org/

If you are receiving CalWORKs and have one of these letters:

1. Call your eligibility worker and go into the DPSS office with the letter in your hand.

2. Tell your Eligibility Worker that you are about to be homeless (again for many ladies)

3. Ask to be assessed for a Homeless Case Manager

4. Sign up for Section 8

5. Get the pamphlets and information on the CalWORKS Homeless services

6. Talk to your GAIN worker about the TSE program and a Vocational Assessment. If the barrier between you and permanent housing is money, work with your GAIN worker to find employment.

7. If you are not receiving Domestic Violence or Mental Health therapy – and are not interrested in these therapies – sign the waiver of services with your GAIN worker

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2 thoughts on “Women’s Care Cottage closing

  1. the friends of the care cottage were horrified to hear the news

    those of us who have provided a monthly dinner at the resource center called chantal and will be bringing a lunch there monday

    the clients mean alot to us we watch their kids grow up and they watch our kids grow up i do not even know how to explain this to my 7 year old who looks forward to playing “with her friends at the cottage”

    my friends have been asked to look to see if they have suitcases for the people in the residence

    iy is hrd to contact them as their phone system has been out of order for months already

    this is just horrible news

    1. They are not closed as of yet, when you go the next time, look for someone in charge and see if you can get more information. I drive by the WCC on my way to work every day, I plan to stop in the offices this week, or to ask at Homeless Connect Day in Glendale this Wednesday. You and your friends are very sweet and wonderful to help these ladies out.

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