It’s not the How, it’s What Now

Personal rant alert.

In 9 days I will FINALLY meet @hardlyNormal. (insert happy dance here) Just about the time I found him on Twitter, he took off touring America’s Homeless populations with his . Today he was the cover story of CNN.COM. under the TECH tab. The difference between the tone of the article and the comments below it are what have me ranting. It is the difference between the corner of 5th and Wall and the corner of 7th and Wilshire.

Sample copied from CNN.Com:


who hasn’t seen a homeless person? A new face? I doubt it. He is getting to much credit. Drugs and alcohol , you dropped out of society and now you want someone to fix it.”
Basically, the HOW of  “HOW DID THEY BECOME HOMELESS” is easy. The most common reasons are:

  • mental illness – possibly undiagnosed
  • physical illness
  • poor relationship with family
  • criminal history
  • victim of crime
  • domestic violence
  • alcohol addiction
  • drug addiction
  • member of street culture/street family
  • resistant to treatment and or medication for any illnesses
  • failure in “prevention” or “social programs”
  • dual diagnosis
  • poor social skills
  • unemployment
  • poverty
  • incomplete education
  • a mixture or any of these

The WHAT NOW is where we separate the mice from the men.

Snide remarks and detractors are making an easy excuse to justify not helping the needy. They are classifying them as unworthy of assistance because of how they came to be in the situation. With enough excuses between them and the problem, they turn away from any solution and don’t have to get their hands dirty or even worse – they don’t have to work on a problem to which there is not one clear and binding solution. I have family members with this mind-set. To them, I don’t have a job or a career, or even a calling – I have a very expensive hobby. If my “homeless hobby” earned me six figure salary – it would be respectable. Money is the deciding factor from icky from the okay.

When drug use and other ingredients on the list combine to create a person of fame and fortune, they make the tabloids and Dr. Phil shows up in your hospital room, Rosie O’Donnell invites you to her house to stay.

So… all of you who have the time to be rude and abnoxioua, or quietly indignant about the plight of homeless adults, children and families. I charge YOU to take a few minutes and give us fresh suggestions to address the issue.

No one likes that there are homeless people. Stop complaining about the How, you tell me WHAT NOW

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