Homeless to Housed- beware

Do not be so happy to have found a place that you can afford to rent that you forget basic rules of renting. #1. GET IT IN WRITING #2. BE EDUCATED ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS #3. TAKE CARE OF IT #4. ACT IN GOOD FAITH #5. KNOW WHERE TO GO FOR HELP This morning a clientContinue reading “Homeless to Housed- beware”

Shoe Queen

This is Maddie and she is the LOUDESt little woman! Her voice echoed in the walls of the Glendale Armory calling hundreds oF waiting homeless men and women to get their socks and shoes. The District Attorney made available counterfeit Converse shoes sizes 6-13. Me? I personally rocked the socks!

I wanna do this FUN Fundraiser

For $10 he will do almost anything. I could literally burn through entire bank accounts before you found things i would not do as long as they are legal and not too icky.

Missing child update

2:30 am I received a voice mail and instructions about how to contact them and drop off the presents. Yay! My car will be a car again and not a sleigh full of toys! So, since I am doing this as a volunteer but am also a Mandated reporter: do I drop off the giftsContinue reading “Missing child update”

I stalk missing children with BING

I am a stalker. I could not find my “Adopt a Family” family to deliver their gifts to them. I called the numbers I had and whoa, no one knew where they were and weirder yet – no one would tell me their names.  That’s okay, I have the internet and therefore I can findContinue reading “I stalk missing children with BING”

One Depressing day

I started writing this last night but I was too depressed to finish it. Yesterday was Homeless Memorial Day, and frankly it sucked like a vacuum on a late night infomercial. But then every-time it got untenable something wonderful happened. It brought home the realization that even if Congress does pass a health care bill,Continue reading “One Depressing day”

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