Give, while you give thanks.

For every item on your “things I’m thankful for” list, give an hour of service or $20 in the same category. I had the chance to try this today

It went like this:
“I am thankful for my cute and uber reliable Scion XA” my giving was spending my lunch hour jumping the battery of a disabled car in the parking lot.

“I’m thankful for all the entertainment I’m surrounded by – games, books, Wii, crayons, people watching, etc” so I am donating 20 of my books to the library so other people can be thankful to have them to read.

I’m thankful that I have a home, so I did the HomeWalk

I’m thankful that I have clothes (and super thankful to Gigi and Kathy for giving me theirs), so I raid my friends closets and put the clothing in the Maximus “boutique” for clients who need interview outfits.

I’m thankful for friends who don’t mind that I have “musical turrets” (a mythical disease that causes me to sing at the drop of a hat), so I am taking them caroling next month.


*** check it out, so far nothing had cost me a penny! *** money is good, and if you have extra to donate: go for it. However, I think most people don’t have enough to comfortably give away.

$20 from Rupert Murdoch looks just like $20 from me. What can I give out of gratitude that Rupert can’t compete with? My time, my talent, my oddly skewed view of the world and my enthusiasm for causes I’m passionate about. (And I doubt he sings as well as I do!)

Give in ways that make you thankful to be able to give. Give in ways that reflect who you are. If you can’t do it joyfully – wait until you can. A happy heart will donate twice what the cranky one will, and it will mean much more to those who receive.

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