Burbank Temporary Aid Center

I’m sitting in the lobby of BTAC, having a deep conversation with a 4 year old about Disney Princesses and what her new born baby sister means to her. Just behind her is a flowing line of adults signing up for Thanksgiving Turkeys and free bread.

I am here to ask about the services they offer and what services they need. My co-workers and I are searching for outreach opportunities that we can do during work hours. Do they need food, clothing, donations? Maybe they need extra social workers to come in one lunch a month to explain the county services?

I’m impressed, the lobby is small but bustling and the counter lady has a sprained ankle that does not keep her from traversing the room from desk to pantry. The clients are friendly, made sure I knew how to sign in, and are explaining services to each other.

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4 thoughts on “Burbank Temporary Aid Center

  1. I was harassed this morning by one of many homeless men in Burbank who have taken over the strip mall at Verdugo and Hollywod way. this man is camped with 12-13 bags and packs every night at the bus stop, sleeping there all night long undisturbed by police. For months now.

    This man has grunged up this shopping center for probably 15 years. He will never do any constructive with his life as long as he gets his jollies annoying people. I have heard him boast about trolling the mall annoying people. He does nothing every day.

    Why isn’t he at the BTAC? Why doesn’t he have to report to the Midnight mission? I am sick of looking at his ugly face every time I wait for a bus day and night, norning an evening. To be told to “move” while I wait at the bus stop for someone who sits doing nothing all day is offensive. Some of us have to work. We don’t harass people all day.

    Why don’t Burbank police get these people off the street? There is a difference between someone trying to make their life better and some man urinating in full view of an intersection because as long as he can offend someone his perverse needs are met.

    1. I agree with you; being harassed is not a good time and I don’t stand for it. 15% of homeless adults will always be homeless and it is not his personal bus stop. Being homeless and living on the streets is not illegal, but deliberately harassing you is. Pretty or ugly, he has a right to the streets and so do you. I remind you of this so that you can remind him.

      In California, no one can be forced to take treatment or assistance. The police don’t have any special resources or help for the homeless because they just aren’t in supply. Winter shelter is open but when the Armory is in use the homeless are on the streets and not an extra SFV church or place opened it’s doors to help.

      Question, if you packed everything you loved and needed into bags,, would it be more or less than 15?

  2. This guy neither loves nor needs the stuff. It’s stolen library books, old dirty clothes, and rags. You might feel differently if 5 homeless people were throwing up in every restaurant you took your kids into.

    The MTA bus driver the other night didn’t stop because he thought I was “living” there, because across the street the stacks of stuff and a human sleeping lie in plain view 24/7. So the MTA now has an excuse not to stop for riders?

    The restrooms in any of the shops and stores are regularly closed because these people run in and throw up or sleep in them all night and the employees are fed up. It’s like skid row in Burbank. I didn’t know Burbank had a skid row.

    Your posts describe steps to take, shelters, letters, talk to GAIN workers, get involved for shelter. That’s proactive. These people accept money but do nothing but sit around. I would say that figure in this mall is about 100% a posse of homeless that call each other by name and “live” there.

    Maybe if they lived in the bathroom where employees use the restroom where you buy your food or fast food it would hit closer to home with you.

    1. I worked on skid row for years and am well aquainted with the smells of unwashed people and body fluids of every kind. (I am also very afraid of my company bathroom because of what some well groomed people do to it.)

      Re Metro: per MTA website, contact Warren Morse
      Deputy Executive Officer – Customer Communications 213.922.5661 morsew@metro.net and let them know the bus would not stop for you.
      I am still looking for more and better answers for you.

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