The Unity Center Angels

How do I buy my child a gift when I don’t have any money? Do I explain that Santa doesn’t see our chimney, or Hannakah isn’t for the poor? The Foothill Unity Center asks it’s friends and neighbors to give to ow income children whose parent(s) are working hard to make ends meet. Look forContinue reading “The Unity Center Angels”

Picture of pictures

I am thankful for the people who have let me into their lives and shared their success with me. I collect pictures of my clients, co workers, family and friends and keep them where I can see them from my desk. Right now, at the end of the month-when reports are all due, I’m veryContinue reading “Picture of pictures”

Burbank Temporary Aid Center

I’m sitting in the lobby of BTAC, having a deep conversation with a 4 year old about Disney Princesses and what her new born baby sister means to her. Just behind her is a flowing line of adults signing up for Thanksgiving Turkeys and free bread. I am here to ask about the services theyContinue reading “Burbank Temporary Aid Center”

Minors needing shelter

Los Angeles Youth Shelter works with family shelters and individual homeless children to provide shelters. They serve pregnant teens, run aways, children whose families can’t find shelter with both the younger and older kids. Call (323)957-7364. 24/7 phone number is always a live person. The web site is They have. 17 beds and willContinue reading “Minors needing shelter”

School on Wheels!

Academic help for homeless and “doubled up” children. Volunteers are at least 18 years old and everyone passed a Live Scan. Tutoring is done a MINIMUM of 1 hour a week. Children fall 3 months behind when they switch schools and have gaps in education. The tutoring is designed to fill that gap. The tutorsContinue reading “School on Wheels!”

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