This is hard work

She woke up to the feel of punches being thrown into her belly. After her beating was over, she managed to get to the police station (maybe they will file charges) and then to the hodpital to collect her 3 year old daughter whose been hospitalized for three weeks. With pnemonia.

Then she came, homeless, and abused and poor: to my desk.

I called the Domestic Abuse hotline and the woman who answered the phone was terrible. When my last said she was homeless- the worker on the phone told me she can’t help my client because she’s homeless.

Umm HEY!!! The leading cause of homelessness is Domestic Violence!

I eventually foiund her a therapy appointment for early next week, and they will refer her to legal help and a shelter while she sleeps at friend’s homes tonight.

I played and colored with her daughter while we worked and called and filled out piles of paperwork. I joked with the client and then let her cry and laughj again and we planned small steps to keep them safe and help her become self sufficient.

It took 3 hours – there went all my reports and follow ups and my vendetta and planned revenge on my printer (it’s holding my work hostage!)

When it was over I went to Mayra’s office, ate chocolate and cried.

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