Food on Foot

Feed a person for a day for less than $5.
FOOD on Foot: Distributes food every Sunday and has a clean up program.

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(copied from their site)Our Menu
It only costs us $4.76 to feed a person.
$3.50 – Two-piece chicken meal with corn, rice, and tortillas (El Pollo Loco)
$0.23 – Granola Bar
$0.20 – Peanut Butter Crackers
$0.25 – Fruit Roll-up
$0.15 – Bag of Baby Carrots
$0.13 – Apple
$0.11 – Orange
$0.19 – Banana
$0.00 – Bread (donated by Bailey’s Bakery)
$0.00 – Muffin (donated by Mrs. Beasley’s)
$0.00 – Bottled water (donated by volunteers)
$0.00 – Milk for children (donated St. Vincent Meals on Wheels
Sun. serving site: 1625 N. Schrader Avenue, Hollywood, California (parking lot)
When: Every Sunday at 3:15 p.m., 52 weeks a year

I had never heard of this place before – so I sent them an e-mail for resources. Check them out.

Los Angeles Mission Volunteer!!!

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