We are NOT supposed to call it the “Swine Flu” , but seriously – you knew what I was talking about so , for our purposes here, I am not apologizing. We are not supposed to call it Swine Flu because it is actually a combination of Flu Virus’ from Human, Swine and Birds and no pigs have had this exact strain of flu….blah, blah, blah…

I have been watching the Swine Flu because so many of my friends are pregnant and that puts them at risk, and my cousin who worked in the San Diego jails had Swine Flu.

There are some facts and tips that are NOT boring and you should know!

1.Most people who have become ill with this new virus have recovered without requiring medical treatment.

2. All Flu’s are VIRUS – not anything an ANTI-Biotic could kill. So, don’t ask for a prescription of penicillin for the Flu. If that really worker, we would have killed AIDS 20 years ago. The FLU responds to ANTI_VIRALS – here is a link to the CDC report on FLU treatment with these.

3. WASH your hands – especially your fingertips. Virus material can survive for DAYS on a surface – so wash them too, but wash your hands or use an alcohol based sanitizer as if you have OCD.

4. STOP TOUCHING YOURSELF: you heard me! Keep your dirty fingers out of your nose, mouth and eyes. Dont touch your friend’s glass and then touch your face. Just stop it!

5. Don’t share glasses or forks, etc. My daughter caught Mono from her friend at school they shared a straw because “she’s my friend and friends don’t have germs”. No, friends don’t have cooties, anyone can be spreading germs!

6. You are most contagious just before you know you are sick (like within 2 days) and soon after. But watching your coughing , dripping self is gross – so STAY HOME and drink liquids and don’t infect your work place.

7. It’s good to be old! Folks 60 years old  and over are not getting the H1N1 as often as they catch the regular flu. A theory is that these people have been exposed in their childhoods and the antibodies are still spry.  This is a difference between regular flu and H1N1, so a MD may nor recommend the vaccination to someone 65 or older.

8. Don’t wear a mask. It’s not a fashion statement you want to make unless you really miss Michael Jackson. It is useful to wear it to prevent giving an illness to someone else, but the general public tends to remove the masks and rub their noses, or take it down to talk to someone and at that point, the mask is useless other than as a fashion accessory!

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