Section 8 in Burbank

The Burbank Housing Authority has open enrollment for the waiting list for Section 8 Rental Assistance.  The link starts here: . All the guidelines are on line, good luck!

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12 thoughts on “Section 8 in Burbank

  1. I have tried to apply for section 8 in BURBANK and been at the city office many times started over 3 years ago, allways told to check back , well I understand that is open now, can someone please get in touch with me and put me on the list, my numbers are 818-951-5754 or 818-335-4931 cell
    I would appreciate a callwe need this help please
    thank you
    Ana Maria

  2. i applied for burbank housing, along time ago since my application i became homeless. now renting a small room, where am i on you,re list.

  3. I really believe that the section 8 employees in the city of Burbank , discriminates against low income families, particularly African American’s. I recently applied for section 8 in Burbank and had been on the list since 2009 , I had been checking up on my status with the waitlist website and recently I received a letter with forms saying to respond back by April 7, 2013 in order to remain on the list and I certainly did just, that because I’m a single mother of one who needs assistance like this so that I can provide my child with an new environment. Well just two days ago the Burbank housing sent me a letter stating that I did not respond back at all and therefore has removed me off of the section 8 list. If this is true where is the forms I filled out , and why hasn’t my mail man returned them, funny thing is my sister a mother of three had got the same letter. O but can apply again but now the program is closed.

    1. Wow that is so crazy the samething happy to me. They said that they send me paperwork to be mailed back but never received it. So I just mailed a letter telling them can I be put back on the list.

      1. Wow that is so crazy the samething happy to me. They said that they send me paperwork to be mailed back but never received it. So I just mailed a letter telling them can I be put back on the list.

  4. I was on the list for 2 years, lost the apartment because I couldn’t afford the rent (Single, disabled, working mom). We moved in with a family member and lived in very close quarters with all of our furniture and boxes all stacked up but we had the dreams of having our very own apartment That is what kept me going. H.U.D. was notified of our situation then even kept in contact at our “Temporary home.” A year and a half later they notified me my name came up. All excited,filled out more paperwork. This is really going to happen, finally! Received another letter, more things to fill out. Checked my account on H.U.D. and I couldn’t get in. It said my account was closed or something like that. The next day I received the letter saying “You have been removed from the list because the home is owner occupied….” I was is tears. I called because I didn’t understand how they could do that. I could not afford an apartment of my own so we were forced to move in with family. I said, “So, it would have been better for us if I was living on the streets with my child?” The answer, “Unfortunately yes.” My contact person was always “out of the office” or “On the other line” when I called. She didn’t return my calls. One Gentleman talked to me a few times basically giving me messages from her. He was so sweet and tried to help but he was put in the position of doing her dirty work. I was told I could reaply when we have an apartment. We were devastated!! Our dreams of living like mother and daughter in our own home was gone. To make a VERY long story short, please make sure you have an apartment and that the Owner will accept H.U.D. before you name comes up. As for us, we now have a very small apartment that is very expensive and can’t afford any luxuries but finally, we are home!

  5. Desperately seeking housing for my three daughters and soon as possible as a single mom on SSI for a disability. Sincerely, Rosemarie

  6. Rosemarie Manfredo-contact phone number is 310-418-8574 and posted a previous comment on my situation. thank you.

  7. I have been apply for low income housing for my 1 year old and myself sinxe m y daughter waswas abput 2 months. Crazy thing is being that I’m homeless.. Suffering from mental illness and daily life. I have yet to receive any help not even thru department of mental health. The county of Los Angeles is something else. I jus need stability and a safe place to call my own

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