Fewer homeless in LA

Personally, I find it hard to believe and want LAHSA to re-do the count. L.A. County homeless population drops 38%, survey says http://bit.ly/2LcF1l * I do agree that families are moving out of the area and LA is a hard place to be homeless, but I don’t ever run into more shelter beds or additionalContinue reading “Fewer homeless in LA”

What’s your hurry?

A social worker’s rant. Imagine this possible scenario : I have a client who is 7 months pregnant and has a 1 year old child and will be homeless in two days. She owns exactly 2 pairs of pants (one cut off into shorts) and 2 t-shirts. I have called LAHSA and left a messageContinue reading “What’s your hurry?”

Prejudicial prices

Its becoming common to have 2 sets of prices: one for cash customers and one for credit card users. Whilst I get that this is to countermand the additional cost of credit card fees, it is unfair to. Those who are issued cash aid on a debit/credit card. Child support and welfare cash aid areContinue reading “Prejudicial prices”

This is hard work

She woke up to the feel of punches being thrown into her belly. After her beating was over, she managed to get to the police station (maybe they will file charges) and then to the hodpital to collect her 3 year old daughter whose been hospitalized for three weeks. With pnemonia. Then she came, homeless,Continue reading “This is hard work”

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