be an adult

“Women are here to serve me. My mom should feed me and let me stay at her place. My woman should work and give me her paycheck. My kids are all maned after me because their other parent aint worth nothing”

No joke: I heard this today from a man who was irate that he has to work or go to school or do community service . (“I’m not giving away my time for nothing”).

He wanted to know why I changed it so his girlfriend. Couldn’t do the hours any more… Ummm, because she and her child are not on welfare and she works! Full time. He and his oldest child are receiving funding. He told me that he didn’t like someone telling him to do something he didn’t ask to do. I said that was okay, I could stop people from telling him to be accountable for his actions, self and children: I would take the money away.

I’m pretty sure I’ll see him sitting with my supervisor tomorrow.

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