Domestic Violence and the Zero

Women with household incomes less than $7,500 are 7 times as likely as women with household incomes over $75,000 to experience domestic violence. That’s one powerful zero.

In my experience, homeless women are far more likely to have $7,500 or less than they are to having even $17,000. They can’t afford housing anywhere other than with their batterer.

In 2005 Los Angeles City reported that Domestic Violence is the single greatest cause of homelessness. Not drugs, criminal activity, poor hygiene, lack of education, no job skills…anything a person could control, correct or improve on – it is Domestic Violence that leads waves of women and children into the streets.

A woman who rents is three times as likely to experience domestic violence than one who owns her own home. Often it is hard for her to keep her rental because of landlords who have “zero tolerance for crimes in the property”, so even if she was the victim she can be evicted.

I read these stats in a document from the ACLU.

I spent today with Domestic Violence victims – not intentionally, it just happened. One of the wonders to me is that they were not aware of what domestic violence IS.

Perhaps relationship skills and domestic Violence Prevention should be taught in those health classes we all had to take form 5th grade through high school.

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4 thoughts on “Domestic Violence and the Zero

  1. I saw that you had a post last August, and something struck me that you talked about…. In Redbook of 2008, there was an article of a mom who initiated a DV curriculum to be mandated in high schools, and the “Love is Not Abuse” curriculum passed for the state of (pretty sure) Rhode Island. Liz Claiborne and an organization called MADE was formed, and it then spread to 3 other states. As of last fall, at least 16 states had initiated bills to attempt to pass them for their state; however, a few of the states cannot mandate curricula in schools, so they have had to take it district by district to be approved, or it has gone through their state’s health department (such as Virginia). Stats are now 1 IN 3 of teens being abused or knowing a friend in an abusive relationship. Our state had a 20% DV increase in 2008 in just ONE YEAR. So this “pink elephant” people are attempting to ignore is ridiculous, and me finding myself homeless, making over $75K a year, leaving $100K and half a million + house behind for the sake of my safety and my daughter’s can no longer be ignored in our country. It is a HUGE problem.

  2. Atta girl…. It is hard to get into the schools, but with a lot of persistence, and going to the open doors, you WILL succeed. I pray for favor for you on your journey…

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