contraversy – homeless or criminal?

Today a Homeless Shelter closes, one that allowed tenants to shoot drugs, and deficate in the streets just blocks away from a child care center.

The shelter is in Canada, but reports of it’s closing has people taking sides.

The sides are

  •  Homeless People are Victems and they deserve leeway and pity.”How naive are you ? People who have suffered great traumas, have drug issues and are homeless are not criminals. By and large, they have been systematically victimized
  • The Homeless are criminals and social degenerates and don’t deserve public help. “if you’re not going to stop drinking or using, why should we spend a dollar on you?”
  • The government and the rich people have abused society and created poverty -“You should be OUTRAGED at the banksters and corrupted politicians who are going to bring millions more into poverty and homelessness and drug addiction to your neighborhood…”
  • People should be accountable for their own success and quality of life I’m so tired of the bleeding hearts crying “NIMBY” and “shame on you”. Being a person who does take responsibility for myself and my actions, I do expect the same of others. The double standard between the ‘poor’ druggies, petty thieves, homeless, etc and the other, employed people of this town is irritating and disgusting, to say the very least. I fail to see why I, and all who pay taxes, should be held accountable, continually, for others bad luck, poor decisions and lifestyle choices.

Read more about the Shelter and the view points at “” , and “


I know soo many of you have strong oppinions – here, again, is a chance to share them.

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