Can I steal your stuff?

I need work clothes for women – any size – gently used or new.

  • nice office appropriate clothing
  • skirts, slacks, blouses, camisoles, dresses, ties
  • scrubs for a medical office
  •  closed toed shoes
  • stockings that have never been worn
  • etc

I realize that I, the most fashion challenged among us, should never be allowed to discuss clothing – but this is important.

Imagine you don’t have a job but you have an interview lined up. What are you going to wear?  Do you have the funds to buy an interview outfit? If you get the job – what will you wear until you get the paycheck?

See… it’s a problem.

In some programs there is “Job search” clothing funds, but nothing if you are looking on your own. For my purposes,I have folks coming in to interviews for the Financial Stimulus Package jobs and they have nothing to wear.

I sit closest to the closet and I am the most likely to show up at your house and raid your closet – so now it is my pet project.

Can I have your stuff?

Email me at or leave me a comment and I will find a way to get your stuff if you are within 2 hours of Los Angeles.

There is stuff that you have never used that i want too:

If your scout troop is looking for a community service project that is easy to do – get shoeboxes and fill them with

  • deodorant
  • razors
  • bars of body soap
  • washcloth
  • tooth past / tooth brush
  • pocket sized brush or comb
  • travel size shampoo/conditioner
  • socks
  • travel sized sun block
  • nail clippers/nail brush

All of these items can be found at the 99 cent store of other inexpensive store and would make a world of difference to clients like mine, and those staying in the local missions, the folks who go to the local worship houses for assistance, etc.

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