Homeless Court in Los Angeles

 The Homeless Court (HC) program was created by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office and advocates for the homeless including Public Counsel and the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA).  

This program helps impoverished individuals with a history of homelessness to clear tickets and warrants for minor offenses such as traffic tickets, infractions, and various minor misdemeanors including jaywalking, riding the metro without a fare, sleeping in public places, illegal use of shopping carts, possession of an open container of alcohol in public, obstructing traffic on the sidewalk, sleeping on a bus bench, as well as any warrants that arise for failure to resolve these offenses.”-www.ladpss.org 





Office of the City Attorney                 Public Counsel Law Center 

Assistant City Attorney                       Alan Dahle 601 South Ardmore 

Maria Elena Reyes Branch                     Los Angeles, CA 90005 

312 South Hill Street, 2nd Floor 

Los Angeles, CA 90013 

These are the two addresses you need, in addition to the application form found at http://www.publiccounsel.org/overview/homelessapp.pdf . <- don't use this one


– personal note: I have seen this program in action and it actually works!  The warrants and tickets can be emotionally damaging , especially when you don’t have the funds to pay them off. I have also seen the LAPD use the fact that people have unpaid tickets as a means to intimidate them. Clearing these tickets for folks who are already in a jam, and are working their way out of difficult times – it is the proactive thing to do. 

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26 thoughts on “Homeless Court in Los Angeles

  1. Hello,
    The application you have linked here is an old form that will not be accepted. Please visit the Public Counsel website to download the current version. Go to http://www.publiccounsel.org, click on “Practice Areas,” “Homelessness Prevention,” and on the right-hand side you will see link to click for the Homeless Court information packet.
    Thanks so much.

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  2. Please advis me how to apply and the procesduures to follow foro homelesscourt. i am homeles at PATH Hoolywood shelter. thank you.

    1. Talk to your Case Manager at PATH and ask them to help you. Your Case Manager must do the application with you and write your letter of support. Show them this article and link if you need to. All of your tickets must be 6 months old or warrants by now, and no felonies will be cleared. Get as complete a list as you can of your tickets in all counties before you work to make your application

  3. Im a case mgr for people I am inqireing about a client by the name of christopher townsell. I first faxed application in august then refaxed the application please give me a call or email client has a new job and the need to know when these tickets cleared. thank you so very much .

  4. Im a case mgr for people helping people shelter Im inquireing about christopher townsell I faxed appliction in august then your office said you did not received it so I refaxed the application in october. please email me back. thank you very much. Zina johnson. case mgr.

  5. L A Homeless Court : I’m a disabled veteran, who went to National Standown for homeless veterans here in San Diego. I went to homeless court this morning, for them to help me with this traffic speeding ticket. My # is 619 564-6053 . I have all of my Standown papers and the traffic papers.

  6. hi, so im a homeless young adult, fresh out the foster care system no family and no place to go, i have several job opportunities and i can get the job because of my tickets from back in the day, i am in need of assistants, i will greatly appreciate some help… i really need this job, since the foster care does not even care anymore.

  7. My original case manager filed for Homeless Court for me back in March of 2011 and the new case manager has never heard of Homeless court and the housing manager doesn’t like me so she’s not giving any services to me at all. How can my current case manager follow up on the application filed last year?

    1. I was at the Clare Foundation and my case worker submitted an application on my behalf in Feb 2011. We have not got a response yet to any of my case workers emails asking about the status of my application. Any advice for my case worker as how to follow up on my apllication?

      1. Patience, it takes time. Your caseworker can call to ask if it was recieved

    2. Talk to her about it – tell her to go through the City Attorney and ask for information. 🙂

  8. hi, my name is DEE, and i wanted to know how i can fight my two tickets i recieved for getting on the metro train without paying.? i thought i paid, but ticket had expiration time for that same day.

  9. I have ask the homeless court to please help me … I have a ticket that I’m trying to get off me so I can work .. I finished school on medical assistance I have tried to get a job I can’t cause my tickets went to collections I lost my job and I’m homeless I have 6 kids and all I get a month is 268 dollars I have no money to pay my tickets I’m asking for to please help my # is 310-465 7530 thank you so much Carmen Delgado

    1. Carmen, you need to go to a non-profit or other program and have them do the pperwork for oyou

  10. if i have parking tickets ans am homeless can i take it to homeless court to get cleared up??

  11. I’m extremely discouraged with Homeless Court at this point.
    GROW filed for me on October 2010. I inquired about a year later to find my application had been filed incorrectly – along with many others – and dumped back on DPSS – i was never notified.
    I contacted the City Attorney HC people, making it clear I was not asking for a status, just what we could do NOT WRONG. Also, if providing information (with documentation) explaining how I got the original (fix it!) ticket, how it impacts my ability to find work and the steps I have taken towards getting back on my feet would be a factor in qualifying.
    They said they would love to hear how this situation is impacting people’s lives and if I could flag my application somehow, they MIGHT be able to re-insert to 2010.
    We resubmitted in January 2012 – not “flagged” since my new GROW worker didn’t know what that meant.
    Since then, I have been working with a pro bono attorney at a local assistance shelter. She had had some direct contact with HC and has made an effort to call attention to my application and appeal to them to re-insert my application to its original position in the que (2010). They couldn’t find my file, which of course my original worker provided record of.
    I’m going to have to borrow $900 in order to pay this off, but I have real concerns that even if I do it will remain on my record. If that happens, will will HC clear that up?? – Probably not, since it falls outside of their protocol.
    I know they never promised my case would be re-inserted, but today (Late June 2012) after 1.75 years, I don’t even know if I qualify for this very gracious gift, let alone when the action will be taken.
    We’ve done everything HC has asked us to do – but they haven’t shown any kind of meaningful accountability for their program.

  12. Hello,
    About a year and a half i was put in a 90 day program at the latino family in the city of los angeles, i completed the program and i heard about the homeless court so my counselor/sponsor knew my situation and helped me out by explaining the proccess of this, she filled out and faxed homeless court my application and till this day havent heard anything from them, i keep in touch with linda(my counselor and she tells me the same thing that she still hasnt heard anything back, no after working for 5yrs i lost my job due to my license and having a 3rd babygirl on the way, any info would help. Thank you

  13. Have a fine at hill St. Court I think maybe went to colectuons trying to get driver licence for a job I am homeless and 7036not a drug or mental issuaes please help thank-you Donald Anderson. CA.li. n5352507. Cell818 397 7035

  14. I waited a year and half for approval from homeless court and missed my court appearance due to family emergency. My case workers says I have to start the process over. That’s totally ridiculous, who can I speak to about re-scheduling my court appearance before the court?

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