Rebuke to Price of Sanity

Why do I find it offensive if you are homeless and blow a few hundred dollars on a guitar, or alcohol, or weed? I don’t if you purchase with your own money. In response to , if you are using my tax dollars, the money meant for an SRO/ food, payment to a shelter, soap, clothing, laundry funds, etc: if you are using it for week and a beer – even $7 a day ($210 a month) on anything bit basic living essentials – yes! I am angry and- I want our money back.

I don’t begrudge anyone a good time. We all need laughter and love in addition to food in order to stay alive. SSI checks, Cash Aid funds, etc are not “beer run funds”.
I had this conversation often in a supported living building I worked in where the rent increased with the SSI payments and the folks were angry that they did not have the money for internet or cable television. Hello! The internet is free at the public library. Cable TV is not a necessity. (Or so I hope since I don’t have either AND I have a job, AND I have an apartment.

If you want luxuries – rock on. Just pay for them with your own money , not publicly issued funds. And, when governments decide to eliminate those funds, understand that you’ve told us that they are not really NEEDED because you didn’t spend the money on items and services that kept you alive.

Yes, there are empty apartments- but that doesn’t mean you should get to live there just because it is housing and you are homeless. Get over your ENTITLEMENT issues.

Yes, we are outsourcing and shipping jobs out of the country. Take your free time and visit those companies, join the groups trying to keep jobs here. Get the education to do those jobs (Reagan made the funds available to you) and address that issue…with the folks who can change it.

Quit belly aching grasshopper. The world doesn’t owe you anything. I want you to be able to kick back and play your guitar and have a beer: when YOU pay for it with YOUR money.

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Oh, and to everyone who Twittered their support for the origional post: SERIOUSLY?! How about we stop the cash aid to the author and YOU personally give him $600 in cash. Will your view of how that money is spent be changed when it is YOUR money he is getting high with? Because, let me tell you, it IS your money he’s using.

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14 thoughts on “Rebuke to Price of Sanity

  1. Where does the author state that he uses anything other than his own money?

    Does he state that he is claiming welfare or did you just assume it?

    1. I have spent years on Skid Row, and I know some people who do work there, and as I said – if they spent their own earnings on junk – I am fine with that.

      The indication that he is using public funds is in this quote ” I believe many would say that such people have no rights at all, such is the power of the Money Cult that we have built in this society. If you’re not contributing to the GDP, you shouldn’t exist, seems to be the attitude.”

      Oh, and can someone point out that smoking pot to gain perspective or clarity is illegal?

      1. Er, no, that quote says nothing about using public funds nor is there any inference.

        However, regardless of whether he uses public funds/services or not the fact is that you assumed it. You passed judgment on someone with no evidence whatsoever.

        That is bad form in anyone’s book and if you are indeed an industry professional, it is a disgrace.

      2. if you have money for drugs and beer but don’t contribute to the GNP – where is the money coming from? Do you really want to enable soo much Codependence ? I said if he was spending his own money – that was fine. I have a problem if it is cash “assistance” being spent on non-essentials. I sed to do budgets for the homeless and factor in hookers and drugs and cigarettes (the most forgotten item) and sodas. It is my personal oppinion – on my personal blog- that public funds are mis-spent if they are on these items. Put a band aid on your bleeding heart and expect adults to be accountable for their own choices.

      3. hey man, if you support intoxication as a pathway to peace of mind instead of addressing the actual issues and changing the situation the author os lamenting being in – have a good old time. When his buzz wears off, he will still be miserable – and until heleaves agencies that turn people into cogs – 0well, he is determining his own worth. there are 100 or so hoemless agencies in Skid Rowq – not all of them are de-humanizing. SOme of them absolutley are – but you everyone determines their own value. If he doesn’t like what’s going on , hiding from it with a buzz isn’t going to help. Duh.

  2. Whoa talk about getting it wrong!

    I just read the article to which you refer and there is no indication this gentleman costs the taxpayer a single dime.

    You slate this guy based on pure prejudice it would seem, I see no evidence that the money he spends is anything other than his own.

    However, if you are a social worker then YOU are funded by MY tax dollars and I resent them being used to pay for such prejudicial bigotry.

    I want MY money back.

  3. Ah yes, the prejudice of the working class arrogance. Assumptions galore, too.

    Nowhere did I read that Dan is collecting any social service payments. Of course, you’re assuming *that* instead of bothering to check out that he makes his money as a musician.

    “Get over your ENTITLEMENT issues.”

    Considering that *you* are living at the expense of those de-housed people and other suffering individuals due to your position as “social worker”–just how long do you think it would be, if all the funding was pulled, would YOU be employed at your current salary? And how many private corporations want to hire ex-social workers? Good luck with that because you are going to need it.

    The truth of the matter is–you are living on the “charity” of others at a much higher rate than those you are claiming to serve. I worked there–I know that 80%+ of the money is chewed up in salaries–not “services”.

    So who here–is really feeling “entitled”?

    Go ahead, let your fear of becoming “one of them” hold you back from realizing that you are teetering on the brink of economic disaster through deliberate manipulation and greed of the financial sector as well as the slashing of social services funding.

    Perhaps take some time to research history, politics, the sociology of the impoverished and economics instead of blindly blaming those you claim to be “helping” by your services.

  4. I must also add:

    You say you are living on social services during the blog, yet on the side of the blog you say you are a social worker.

    Which is it?

  5. Ma’am,

    You are out of line and you come across like you are a supporter of slavery. You owe this soul a public apology.

  6. “Oh, and to everyone who Twittered their support for the origional post: SERIOUSLY?! How about we stop the cash aid to the author and YOU personally give him $600 in cash. Will your view of how that money is spent be changed when it is YOUR money he is getting high with? Because, let me tell you, it IS your money he’s using.”

    LOL, looks like you were wrong! Major FAIL!

    You are the only one taking our money. We personally pay your obscene wages for your obscene prejudice.


  7. Could we please do Dan, the author of “The Price of Sanity,” the courtesy of moving this discussion back to the original site of his article( This “rebuke” was not even listed as a comment to Dan’s article, but rather showed up simply as a link on the side bar.


    Rev. Cynthia

  8. Okay, let’s talk *cash*.

    I’ll send you a penny. Why? Because that is the lowest amount I can send you for all the people who bought a beer on your governmental tax dollars this year and it’s LESS than that for everyone in the entire country on SSI who spent it on something you personally, do not approve of.

    I will explain.

    When I was the Director of Security for a Condo corp, residents used to come and b*tch at me “I am paying your salary so you must DO AS I SAY” regardless of whether or not, their demands were reasonable, legitimate, or sometimes, even legal.

    In my drawer I kept $1.27. I handed it to them and said, “This is your portion of what you paid me this year. Do the math. Now, get out of my office or get reasonable.”

    As an “average” American you are presently paying, in tax $3,000+ per year for two “wars”. Every household is now in debt $30,000 for government bail-outs of corrupted financial officials.

    Yet most citizens pay less than $300 per year for every social service *combined*. That includes your own salary.

    You are, in most areas, paying more than that for JAILS to ‘house’ people for the use of cannabis–the world’s safest intoxicant according to CAMH research. You are living in a country that pays more for incarceration per citizen than the largest third-world dictatorships.

    So if you want to complain about a beer–I’d suggest there are more expensive problems to complain about that truly ARE eating up your salary in tax dollars and not on the behalf of anyone you’d want to be helping.

  9. la:

    I find it interesting that you claim you are “non-judgmental” of your clients [and presumably others] while people who don’t agree with your position are “bleeding hearts” and those who aren’t “worthy” of your charity are deemed “Pathetic” and other pejorative terms.

    Yet, most here are not making personal attacks on you. I certainly am not. And those that are–with the skill you possess I would suggest the wisest course of action is not rising to the bait.

    Keep in mind that slagging and personal insults are the purview of those who either do not have the skill to discuss/debate with opposing viewpoints or those who do not have the evidence to back up their assertions.

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