Military Homeless Rant

Pardon me for a moment while I get quite pissed off.
Why?! Why! Why do we have homeless veteranss? Seriously?
If you served and were honorably discharged – you shold be immune form ever being homeless. Period. This should be especially true if you are homeless as a result of your service to the rest of us – it’s traumatic – you know, the part where you lose limbs, suffer permanent physical damage, have your psychology chaged, and come back from service a less happy and well adjusted person than you were before.
I believe in prevention. We should take better care of you while you are in service- more psychological upkeep as well as much better safety equipment and medical care – not to mention not sending you off into wars we’re lied to about anyway.

Can I just send Cheney a bill for the most recent homeless soldiers?

Beyond all of that, we are selling off old Marine bases and armed services properties instead of converting them into housing for the homeless. PArdon me? We have the space, we are throwing money away in the Armed services Budget (anyone flashing back to gold toilet seats) – can’t we decide that the human resources and aspects of our fighting forces are as valuable as the tanks, guns, star wars weaponry, etc?
I am just so very ill of hearing excuses for this kind of homeless dumping that we are all guilty of.
However, the STAND DOWN in San Diego was cool. Read about it HERE.
Ms. Magazine has an interresting article on Female Soldiers and homelessness HERE

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