Working Poor and ULW

“This year, 3.5 million people will experience homelessness. The federal government says 42% of them are working at some point during the week. Clearly, the work ethic is there, but the wage to afford basic housing is not.”

This is true, I am trying to employ people in to $12.00 an hour jobs because the California Minimum wage is $8.00 – we beat the Federal wage by $.75. There is no way a family can live with one employed adult and pay rent and utilities and transportation and health care, and soap, and food and clothing on $8.00 an hour unless you know of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments that rent for under $400.00 a month.

More on the Federal Minimum Wage and a Universal Living Wage (ULW) can be found here:

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One thought on “Working Poor and ULW

  1. Again Vinavu You are doing a great job and I too came across this ailrcte in IE,..The credentials of our Home Minister are highly doubtful . This begins the way he conducted himself during counting which declared him defeated and eventually he was declared WON !. There is a MYTH spread by MEDIA he is very efficient in every portfolio he handles WHICH IS NOT TRUE!.When he was the finance mininster he reduced the PF interest from 12% to 8%,.He suggested investing the PF money in stock market which would have ruined millions of families ! HE IS TOTALLY INEFFICIENT AND UNFIT TO REMAIN AS EVEN AS A MINISTER WITH NO PORTFOLIO! A good driver cannot be a good cook ; Neither he is a good driver nor a good cook,..Vinavu there is one more ailrcte which appeared on IE by GS VASU the Hyderabad Editor of IE regarding the human side of the naxal problem,.Pl get it translated and post it for reaching masses,..

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