Homeless Families evicted from NY Shelters

I read this in the New Your Times
What? Did that shock you? I think it is good that the New York Shelter System is empowering the shelters to evict families who are using emergency shelters as permanet homes when the families refuse permanent housing offered to them and are not abiding by shelter rules such as keeping a healthy activie case with the Welfare department.

Families who are not attempting to end their homelessness are damaging to the shelter system, to the psyche of other families, set a dangerous precident for the other families and defeat the purpose of the shelters.

A SHELTER is NOT permanent housing and tenants needs to ensure that they don’t stop there for too long. Do NOT get good at being homeless.

Is it humiliating to sign in and sign out of a shelter – possibly, but for insurance purposes we need to know who is in the building.

Is it anoying not to be able to smoke iside the shelter? Possibly – but suck it up – a family shelter doesn’t need to expose little kids to second hand smoke.

You have the right to bear arms – but not in a homeless shleter. How do you plan to keep your gun safe and secure from other people and children. There is no room for a Gun safe in most shelters. Come on, it’s a bad idea.

Seriously – are yu going to complain because you can not have illegal drugs on you? seriously?

None of the 28 reasons the NY Shelters might use to evict your family are unreasonable, and it is up to the case manager’s judgement. No family will be removed from a shelter when it is too cold to survive outside.

Remember that using a shelter may be nessisary but no one is forcing you to use it and other families want your space.
Legal Aid is having a field day with this concept- but I say we ask people to understand, accept and be accountable for themselves, the rules they agree to live with and their actions. We don’t have alot of shelters – they need to be used properly and going crazy with customer service may bring a short term smile because it seems like the nice thing to do – but Tough Love is much kinder in the long run.

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One thought on “Homeless Families evicted from NY Shelters

  1. You are leaving out some very crucial information. The main reason why families are staying in the shelters for so long is due to the fact that the subsidies being awarded are not realistically distributed. If a family of four gets awarded $1020 for their rent (much less now) and they are told that they are only liable for $50 a month, what 2 bedroom will you find for that. It’s NY city. Out of the 100 of families I came across, none were able to find an apartment (in a safe location) for that amount. Meanwhile the DOH continuously emphasizes that the tenants are not to pay any amount more than the $50. Everyone is coming out of pocket with an extra several hundred dollars a month in order to fulfill the landlords request. And if this was not enough, they ask for 5 months in advance. We had to pay over $3000 ((4 months of rent + security) up front in order to secure the apartment. This did not include all the money the landlord received at signing of the lease. So please, before you sit there and judge the homeless families and scrutinize them, understands that there is much more to the situation.

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