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The Lamp Art Project allows members of Lamp and the Skid Row Community as a who;e to enjoy a little art, take a painting class, get tutoring and learn from a real master and from the other painters – and it allows them to showcase their art works and sell them. 

Darlene Altemier Dobbs paints the most beautiful flowers as well as Side Walk perspectives of Skid Row. Darlene was homeless, faced some special needs that she has overcome, and is a sweet and down to earth woman who loves her family and friends and lives in the Low Rent Lamp Lodge which is just around the corner from the Art Studio.  As of the last time she and I had a chat, much of her time was freely donated, or almost donated since she is paid with a stipend and not an actual salary which would entitle her to health benefits and a decent wage. Instead she is paid just enough for her to continue to draw Social Security Disability income -which she would not need were she an actual employee. She, however, is more than content with her almost volunteer docent position.

Check out the web site, and if you can catch an exhibit – I strongly encourage it. I would ( and actually have ) buy the artwork directly from the artist and not from LAMP because LAMP took a cut of the proceeds of the artwork even though the artists pay for their own supplies.

If you are looking to donate money or art supplies – donate gift cards for an art store or fresh art supplies, canvases, paints, directly to the Art Project.

The LAMP ART PROJECT is my favorite part of Lamp and actually, my favorite part of Skid Row, I would like to see it grow and flourish and be supported for the good work it does the emotional stability of the artists.

I love the art project, and I am endlessly sad that Rory White is no longer leading the program. He is simply amazing!

I found the photo Rory  took of me: I possibly look a little different now.

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