LA is mean to the Homeless

Based on the “number of laws targeting the homeless by making it illegal to sleep, eat or sit in public spaces”, National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty and the National Coalition for the Homeless have listed Los Angeles as the most mean city to the Homeless.

It is true, look at the number of “no sitting” “no loitering”, “no sleeping” signs around the city and the total lack of public toilets.

Free public toilets that are not “just for patrons” are not just for the Homeless, I will have you know.

I have a child and the number of times we were out and about when she was small and suddenly has to go to the bathroom is uncomfortably high. Older people, pregnant women, and anyone with a bladder or digestive tract (hey, EVERYONE) has the occasional need for a public potty. Could we toss a few around here and there?

Being homeless isn’t acrime, but the symptoms of being homeless are often made criminal – sleeping in public spaces, needing a spot to park your cart, a shady place to rest a while . . . all these small issues become very important when you have no where to go and eat, or pee or sleep.

Yes, homelessness is a bad thing, but being homeless does not make you a bad person. Punishing someone for being homeless is not going to make a shelter or house and job suddenly appear in their lives.  (You can quote me, -Sonya Keith)

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One thought on “LA is mean to the Homeless

  1. Sonya your quote about punishing people is spot on. A lot people think that by giving toughness it changes the situation instead of asking what is really wrong here.

    It has happened countless times in my life.

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