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One of my clients is facing eviction TOMORROW – and just called me TODAY. She has been paying rent in cash since November.  The apartment manager on Willis in Panorama City told her he doesn’t take Money Orders, he would turn her cash into a Money Order to give to the land owner Deborah.

The client is frantic. The property manager says she can’t prove she ever paid the rent and he doesn’t like her small child so she has to go. She has asked to speak with the property owner and denied access to that information. The Sherrif Dept posted the notice yesterday. The client was homeless and moved into the apartment in November.


I gave her the number I always gfive to Legal Aid – (800) 433-6251, but no one is answering for wither of us. I pressed “4” and “0” and NOTHING! I am searcing the internet and have her the LA LEGAL AID FOundation number because I know they helped with the Alexandria Hotel law suit (http://www.lafla.org/article.php?id=20 ) .

I can not find a link to Panorama City Hall, should she ask for property records for the City of Los Angeles?

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  1. thank you for all the FaceBook comments and suggestions. I asked her about the origional eveiction notice. She said that when she received it she spoke to the manager who assured her that everything would be okay and she didn’t need to worry or call any of the numbers furnished in the documentation.

    I instructed her to call the courthouse listed on the forms ASAP and she is onh er way to the building’s lawyers office.

    Cross your fingers.

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