NoHo – Thank You!

ybdevelopment – THANK YOU!

I will walk by the lot tonight and check it out! Thank you for your responce.

I should tell you that I am biased because part of the reason I rented my apartment was because I could walk to Coco’s and eat (I shouldn’t be allowed to cook – EVER – unless you want to torture someone worse than water boarding them!) and having it closed made me sad. I am still friends with some of the wait staff from there.

But, also, I am an advocate for Homeless Rights. I do blame the Homeless who are camped out there for not keeping it clean – because the “we used the mess as camoflage” excuse only works if you are 7 inches tall and can hide behind a coffee cup. There are plenty of Homeless services in the area and a shelter directly up the street. I am sure someone there would have spotted them a trash bag or two if they had asked.


I look forward to what will happen with the lot next, and thank you again for your prompt response. I will get off my high horse now before I fall off and hurt myself!


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