Skid Row Murder update

Shanana Flores,  Lamont Ward, and, Richard Luna. These are the names of the people who caused the Lamp Lodge Murder at 660 S Stanford Avenue on Easter Sunday.

Ryan Vaillancourt wrote a wonderful story on this in the Los Angeles Downtown News.

But, they are not the only people responsible. That portion of Skid Row is under policed and over looked. Even though there are several sober living hotels and centers in the area – there streets are infested with drug dealers. The drug dealers don’t live on Skid Row – but their clients do.

Lamp  Community was made aware, several times, that there were drug dealers living in the low income apartment building called Lamp Lodge. On Easter Sunday, three different drug dealers called the building home. Somehow this did not interfere with the building receiveing HUD and Section 8 – Shelter Plus Care funding for 14 of the units.

What do I suggest?

You think of a few answers and I will be back with mine.

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