Drunk in the park

Hmm, see, I was more concerned about the health of the man drunk in the park than annoyed that anyone was living in the Library Park. Some patron in the library was horrified that anyone would sleep there I asked her if SHE was going to take them home…I think she wanted to hit me!Continue reading “Drunk in the park”

NoHo – Thank You!

ybdevelopment – THANK YOU! I will walk by the lot tonight and check it out! Thank you for your responce. I should tell you that I am biased because part of the reason I rented my apartment was because I could walk to Coco’s and eat (I shouldn’t be allowed to cook – EVER –Continue reading “NoHo – Thank You!”

Skid Row Murder update

Shanana Flores,  Lamont Ward, and, Richard Luna. These are the names of the people who caused the Lamp Lodge Murder at 660 S Stanford Avenue on Easter Sunday. Ryan Vaillancourt wrote a wonderful story on this in the Los Angeles Downtown News. But, they are not the only people responsible. That portion of Skid RowContinue reading “Skid Row Murder update”

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