Welfare isn’t just for women

To receive CalWORKS you must be a low income adult taking care of a minor (under 18 tears old) child.
Welfae/ClWORKS is not a “women only” club. Fathers,mothers and fathers together, grandparents, custodial guardians . . . all of these adults have qualified for cash, medical, and food stamp assistance.
It is easy to forget that two parent households or fathers can be just as poor as the single mothers we picture receiving assistace. The press likes to refer to calWORKS as “the welfare-to-work program for single mothers “, that is a quote from the San Fransisco Chronicle / San Gransisco Gate. Even “eximaner.com” who explains CalWorks fairly well ends by saying they are sure there are ernest MOTHERS in the system. USC studied Welfare mothers, but has not studied Welfare Dads.
Yes, there are far more mothers than fathers, and more single mothers than single fathers or two parent households receiving government aid – however – I would like to see everyone refer to these as CalWORKS Families or Welfare FAMILIES.

Yes, the counties  require the adults to participate, however we are really helping the CHILDREN in poverty by helping their parents and care givers achive self sustainability.

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4 thoughts on “Welfare isn’t just for women

  1. Yes, the above is true but since I am very upset at they way they have set this system up let me vent for a moment because I am going to break this down for everyone in dollars!

    First of all, cash aid (CalWorks) is crap and half of the comments made from the state employess made me want to either choke them or puke I was not sure. There is NO wonder why people sponge off this system, they really don’t give you much of a choice. So let me start with CalWorks. They provide (depending on your family size, mine was 2 adults, 1 child) a dollar amount, mine was $826.00 a month. The Welfare to Work program is to me just a new age way of slave labor. The guidelines of CalWorks is as follows, one or both parents on the program has to complete 32 to 38 hours a week FOR THE COUNTY!!! This is not a job people this is chump change slave labor and leaves no one barely anytime to be able to seek proper employment! So let me show you what this is:
    $826.00 a month @ 38 hours a week
    206.50 a week
    41.30 a day
    6.80 an hour respectivly

    I honestly don’t know anyone except for high school kids that can survive with that kind of money coming in. But here I should be greatful right. NO! I have been paying taxes since I was 16, I have never had to use this program in my life until I moved back to California and became disabled. I use to make 25.00 an hour and these bastards have the nerve to look at me and say oh you will get use to living on that amount that is why we ask you to work! KISS MY ASS!! The only reason I even had to do this is because I was in and out of the hospital so much there was not a company out there that would stand for it.

    Now let me move into the medical because this one kills me. I remember when I was younger everytime I went into emergancy they would say oh if you had kids welfare would pay for all your bills. WOW what planet were they on cuase that is not how the system works at all. Yeah they will cover you IF you are 100% unemployeed and are soley surviving off the system. Otherwise, are you ready, if you have someone in the household working you get what they call “A Share of Cost”. Oh that is like a deductible right? NOPE! It if a freakin joke! My husband found a job making about 2000 a month our share of cost is $1500.00 A MONTH!!!! Thats right, that was not a typo people $1500 A MONTH!! So I get no medicine paid for no doctors visits for preventitive care not a freakin thing!! They would rather me go into the ER and rack up a $25,000.00 bill than simply pay for my meds that would keep me from going into the ER. So I call and talk to them about this and they say “Well you are just better off not having your husband work if you want all of your meds paid for!” WOW and we are all sitting back and wondering why you are in debt and why people sit on the welfare system like they do and trust me whether or not you all want to admit it THEY DO STILL SQUAT THE WELFARE!!!

    1. I feel your pain, however, this is cash assistance not income or a wage. YEs, it puts you below the pverty level – but it should keep you fed while you and your case workers find a way to bring you back into self sufficiency

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