Free time

I’m walking back from 7/11 with my coffee having all the usual deep thoughts I am capable of …”Do I need a pedicure? How do I get rid of the ants in my bathroom? Is my mother Satan?” When something else catching my interest.

My beloved “Urban Blight” aka North Hollywood is filthy. At the same time it is populated with a large number of unemployed and under-employed adult citizens. (Perk to being a Welfare worker in your own hood, you know who lives here and what they are up to).

With all the free time, why aren’t people stepping out and stepping up to clean the sidewalks and pick up the trash here?

I demand community service hours out of folks but there are not enough opportunities for them.

Hey, CITY HALL! I’m talking to you! Can you create a “clean up the street” program and sign off on hours- please?

By the way, I intend this for all cities and towns. Now, more than ever, there are no excuses for trash to be everywhere!

As or myself: my gardening gloves and a trash bag will be out at the Coco’s tonight cleaning. It is too hot right now. And yes, I will be expecting the homeless who live in the parking lot here to help me clean up their “home”.

What do you think?


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