Paris Hilton as Homeless Czar . . .

two quick things : I want that job. Pick ME
This article was penned by Dominic Mapstone and can be found in it’s original form HERE- Here is a little taste

Homeless shelters are getting a makeover and it’s out with the caseworkers, curfews, and rules… and in with room service, massages, spa treatments, concierge service, and staff to clean rooms and turn down beds.

“The aim will be the same as all the charities say their aims are, but we will actually do it,” said Ms. Hilton. “You know, treating people with dignity and respect and caring for them in their time of need… with our Hilton five star standard of hospitality.”

Ms. Hilton went on to say “If a member of my family was homeless, like my sister Nicky for example, I would want her pampered and cared for and treated like the beautiful Princess she is.”

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