The Burbank Library

So I made it to the main branch of The Burbank Library.
What, you ask, does this have to do with Social Work or Homelessness . . . actually, let me tell you.
When you are homeless or poor you often don’t own a computer, nor do you have access to the internet on your own (trust me, I am poor – social work does not pay what it should!) so you have to find other ways to get on the web.
I am always sending people to the internet at the public libraries to
1. make resumes, 2. job search at Yahoo, hotjobs, careerbuilder, Monster, etc. 3. e-mail me about what they need for their cases, 4. stay incontact with the sheltrs and services I refer them to.
Bravo Burbank ! Your Library (and I do love Libraries – ‘cuz I’m a nerd) is beautiful, well laid out and spacious. There are plenty of computers, the reservation system for an internet session is simple and your staff is both skilled and sweet. I applied for a Library card and it was simple and efficient. Job well done.
But alas, we come back to the Nurbank Literacy thing again. I felt kind of bad about poking fun at the trash truck campaign and so I was going to assuage my guilt by actually volunteering. That is, until I saw the hand out about volunteering. I can not tell if it is intended for those who need the services or those who would like to volunteer to provide the services. (because you can not use your cell phone IN the ibrary, the trusty Crackberry and I went outside and took THIS picture
Hmmm, perhaps the document maker could use some of these classes?
I bet that once the service is made more clear, and the intended population the services is aimed at is better targeted – you will increase the enrollment of this much needed service.

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