Walking on the Row

Photo by Gary Leonard.
Photo by Gary Leonard.

When Estela Lopez, the executive director of the Central City East Association leads a walk from the Midnight Mission in LA every first wednesday evening of the month at 6 pm.
I did not know about the walk . . . I think I will leave work early and try to join them. If you are interrested, contact Central City East or e-mail me and I will give you the address.

Wear tennis shoes – nothing with open toes! Personally, I wear perfume so I can sniff my wrist when I walk by the horse “gifts” left from the mounted police.
the street in the picture is San Julian and they are walking by the Rice Safe Haven. I have never seen the street so clean. I find it interresting that the police are watching the walkers . . . seriously – are they going to loot something? Or, do the LAPD think the walkers need protection? I bumble around there like a clueless idiot – blackberry in hand- and no one has ever tried to hurt me.

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