Fighting budget cuts to the poor

From the newspapers:
Another demonstrator, David Mathland, said he was there to urge the governor not to cut the CalWORKS program which will benefit about 40,000 people in Los Angeles County. Statewide, there could be 120,000 people.

He said there are many other ways to balance the budget, but to cut service is not a choice. The poor and disabled need help and their benefits should not become targets to be cut.

Raman Ageder, who works at the Department of Public Social Services of Los Angeles County, said he opposes the budget cuts to social services because the proposed cuts will have a devastating impact on about 2 million people.

He said the public social services program will help people who lost their jobs and their incomes to be independent and find other jobs to stand up on their feet. The proposed cuts will make those people more miserable.

Several hundred people also signed a giant postcard to Governor Schwarzenegger to urge him to find other ways to balance the 24.3 billion dollars of deficit but not the cuts on the poor and disabled.

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