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First of all, I am not an angry bitter person – I was pointing out that an advert on a trash truck offended me. I imagine that anyone who struggled before understanding the message would be significantly offended.

Better ways to reach your target audience:

1. Signs and posters on convience store windows (I don’t know why, but I like to read everything on the 7/11 displays)

2. Invite parents to come into the library with their children for a “Family Reading Assessment”

3. Advert it on the Burbank Cable Station with audio

4. Be more clear on what your service is – it isn’t to “learn to read” as much as it is to “Become a better reader” – it sounds less demeaning and more empowering. ooh, Burbanks’s Better Readers . . . . I like illiteration. (can’t really spell that, but I like to say it)

5. Join the Burbank Credit Union Speakers Series

6. Point out that Reading is a Life Skill and that reading skills improve the chances of earning a better wage.

7. Post information in the CalWORKS and GAIN offices.

Here is a free plug: I copied it from your website.

*Burbank Public Library Literacy Services invites YOU to become a volunteer tutor. Help an adult learn to read and write. To get involved call (818) 238-5577 It’s rewarding, it’s fun, and we need you! “Each One Teach One”

Oh, and seriously, if you need volunteers – I have HUNDREDS of people who need to do community service hours on a regular basis. Contact me and I will invite you into my office to meet with the Job Developer and with me. http://www.homelessinla@gmail.com or 626-755-8015

I started volunteering at the Arcadia Library as a teen and am one with the Dewey Decimal System.

Actually, I am so far over budget on my book buying that I should treat myself to a Burbank Library card. I wonder if they will let me in the door or shoot me on sight?!

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