California Welfare in the news

Time and LA Times have news articles about Californa and Welfare. So far, no one is going to eliminate Welfare – but they are looking for ways to make it more effective. ( I have been on Welfare and current work in the field – could someone please hurry up and ask me?!?!? This girl has got ideas! )

Should parents be able to stay home and receive cash until the children are 2 years old? Should vocational training and school be eliminated? Should Milage no longer be paid out? Should private training complanies be excluded from counting toward activity hours? Should study hours count? Are the Paid Work Experience programs a burden on the tax payer?
I charge you to read the articles and everything else you can find – and post your views here.

And I remind you – my views are MINE alone and do not reflect any public or private entity, employer or agency.

One thought on “California Welfare in the news

  1. I am currently enrolled in a two-year college; making my way through to develop my skills and head on to a university. In my current studies I am working on one of my longest papers to date; it is going to be on TANF, the current welfare system in place in the US. You have raised some very interesting questions that I will be putting to my paper.

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