homeless and wired

5 years ago I gave my friend, Michael Coates, a tour of where I worked on Skid Row in LA. Because of him, Microsoft and MSN gave me computers, keyboards, books and a ton of support when I worked at LAMP on skid row in L.A. Older posts in this blog highlights some of the successes. I am proud to say that LAMP still has “member” computers and member internet connection on a Wifi as a result of our work. Family, friends, relatives and business such as Ionspec (Thank you Dr. Rick Hunter) cleaned and donated computers for the homeless to use. I happen to know that this blog is read by a certain Rober H. occasionally and by other residents of that area (Hi Robert!!!)
This is a story about San Francisco.
My point is, that with the economy failing and all the sudden hype about the Homeless on Twitter etc – Microsoft companies are often overlooked and their small but very good acts are increadably meaningful and life changing. I encourage them, and companies of all sizes to give out to the community that way.

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