Child care and the CCRC

notices went out that CCRC may not be able to pay for child care starting July 1, 2009. According to my source – everything will continue as normal except that payments will be delayed until there is funding in the programs.

The Burbank Library

So I made it to the main branch of The Burbank Library. What, you ask, does this have to do with Social Work or Homelessness . . . actually, let me tell you. When you are homeless or poor you often don’t own a computer, nor do you have access to the internet on yourContinue reading “The Burbank Library”

Walking on the Row

When Estela Lopez, the executive director of the Central City East Association leads a walk from the Midnight Mission in LA every first wednesday evening of the month at 6 pm. I did not know about the walk . . . I think I will leave work early and try to join them. If youContinue reading “Walking on the Row”

Fighting budget cuts to the poor

From the newspapers: Another demonstrator, David Mathland, said he was there to urge the governor not to cut the CalWORKS program which will benefit about 40,000 people in Los Angeles County. Statewide, there could be 120,000 people. He said there are many other ways to balance the budget, but to cut service is not aContinue reading “Fighting budget cuts to the poor”

Burbank Literacy !

I came to volunteer – what I lack in spelling – I make up for in my teaching abilities. Sadly, the branch closest to me closes at 6 pm and I am at work until 5:30 pm. I do, however, have a 15 year old child that needs something to do on Fridays . .Continue reading “Burbank Literacy !”

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