Welfare – what is it good for?

Many poor people have barriers to employment. They may have child care needs or lack job skills. That is what “Welfare to Work” addresses.

Many of the poor, especially those in LA County are “Working Poor”, they hold jobs, pull in wages and still can not get out of poverty.

Why? Becuase the cost of living is high, they don’t have the skills for well paid employment, and in case you missed it – even the great jobs are evaporating.

GAIN, the second half of Welfare (CalWORKS) is the plan and program that moves families off of state aid. Are there items that could be cut or reduces? You bet – and I keep a list of them. But, if we cut everything and reduce it – we reduce the chances that we will ever move those families out of poverty.

Welfare has a strict 5 year time line. That is one more year than we had in High School – iot is plenty of time to get basic skills and find employment – and when parents dilly-dally and don’t attend to their business: they lose cash aid.

There are jobs out there, and we should open those jobs up to the low income citizens by removing illegal employees from the “under the counter” payrolls.

Dishwashing, fruit picking, manual labor, housekeeping, child care provider, handy man etc . . . yes, the work i shard, but I have adults who will do it – and are doing it – whenever we find an opening.

Welfare reduces tha Crime Rate because folks dont have to steal to eat, it keeps the public health in line because no one needs to go unvaccinated or untreated for diseases, it prepares the poor for better employment where they can pay higher taxes and sales taxes to help the economy for the rest of us.

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