No More California Welfare?

Wow, I don’t know how to completely end homelessness, but The CA Gov sure knows how to make it balloon! He wants to end CalWOrks (Welfare) in California to save stae funds. Did he miss the part where the state will no longer get the Federal Funds that feed into the program?

1. Fewer Federal Funds for the state
2. County Employees jobless because there is no Welfare program for them to administer
3. jump in homelessness from families using CalWORKS to pay for rent
4. Spike in malnutrition and childhood death due to no food
5. Long and Short term medical issues with no medical care available to the children of the poor and poor adults.

The only possible bonus of the plan is a reduction in the congestion of California because the poor will try to move.

The following is from the web site: More than a million Californians will be tossed from the Calworks program under the Governor’s revised budget plan.

That’s actually about 1.3 million people…and a million of them are children.

The Governor is hoping to save more than a billion dollars by tossing the welfare-to-work program, but doing so also tosses three times that much money in federal funds.

More immediately, it eliminates the safety net for welfare moms trying to re-enter the work force.

The head of the County Welfare Directors Association says it would leave California as the only state without a Calworks type program.

Frank Mecca tells the “Sacramento Bee” it would also be the only state in a first world country to have no subsistence program for children.

Along with dumping Calworks, nearly a million low-income children will lose medical benefits under a plan to drop the “Healthy Families Program,” saving the state another $250-million.

The cuts aim to close a state budget gap, which has now ballooned to more than $24-billion.

But State Assemblywoman Noreen Evans, the budget committee chairwoman, said she wants lawmakers to consider raising revenue rather than cutting so deeply into state programs.

“I will look under every rock and every leaf so that we can make sure women and children are fed and their medical needs are taken care of,” Evans said.
(Note to Ms. Evans – Dads go on Welfare also. Can we afeed them too?)

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3 thoughts on “No More California Welfare?

  1. I guess Schwarzenegger is living up to his Hollywood alias: Terminator.

    Under his administration, there have been nothing but cuts in funding and services to those who are at or below the poverty level – and, the state’s deficit has grown.

    Hopefully come next election cycle he will not “be back.”

  2. Please read the PERS link on our post re: Indiana pensioners asking the USSC to stay the Chrysler/FIAT deal.

    The Pensioners vs Chrysler ordeal shows folks that even the govt. workers (also on the taxpayer “dole”) who may lose their jobs in this situation are currently fighting for their pensions and promised health care.

    We put up a (CA) tent city documentary around the time of the election. Sadly, it reminded us of the Oklahoma dustbowl era when farmers and others who only wanted to work were forced to leave their farms and head to CA where they BEGGED to pick the fields for a day in order to sleep in tents and feed their families that night.

    A few months back an arrangement was made with some airline out of LAX to charge only $99 to fly to Wichita, Kansas. Immediately, we understood what that meant. They wanted to export their “unemployed/poor” folks to Kansas. At the time, this didn’t seem so bad because the illusion of “financial security” hadn’t been lifted on the Kansas economy probably so Kathleen Sebelius wouldn’t look bad as she received her political payback for her support of Obama. As soon as she left the governor’s mansion, the truth was out and factories went full throttle in their layoffs and most folks became aware that our state was broke. Tax returns were delayed. Deep cuts were made in education, and much more was proposed.

    The poor and unemployed from CA may spend their last $99 to get to Wichita hoping for a better life but if they do, it will be the needle that broke the camel’s back and Kansas will be forced to do what California is doing and no one will receive any assistance (not even the currently unemployed, OBVIOUSLY DESERVING, needy Kansans who worked their entire lives).

    Small consolation to native Kansans was the proximity to Oklahoma and their elders’ constantly shared memories of the Dustbowl and Great Depression. Because of these “memories” folks worked hard and never would have dreamed of asking for govt. assistance although they didn’t mind their tax dollars being taken and used for welfare programs for less fortunate neighbours. Because of these “memories” most folks were at least attempting to live within their means and many had been growing their own “victory” gardens for years. (If Monsanto has their way, even that small “independence” will be taken from them.)
    If the out of control govt spending/bailouts to millionaires isn’t halted immediately, these hard working folks will be living the nightmare they avoided their entire lives. Avoided by DOING THE RIGHT THINGS… by LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM through blood, sweat and tears. At least they’ll still have those things: blood, sweat and tears as well as “memories” of what those things USED to earn you.

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