pride vs paycheck

Be willing to take the job, low pay and all. Take the gross job that you hate if it is the only one offered to you.

Let the long hours focus your ideas of every other type of work you would rather be doing. Then, find a resource to guide you into that type of work.

Be willing to fill the gap in your resume. All money is green, it doesn’t matter if you washed dishes for minimum wage or coded iPhone apps for 6x that amount.

Please, get up, get dressed, get out and be willing to do the jobs that you think you are “too good for”, because you, and your family deserve the money.

A minimum wage job pays more than not working at all!

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One thought on “pride vs paycheck

  1. May the homeless population, families and/or individuals, find the good-fortune and courage to restore their sense of self-worth and independence/self-reliance.

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