” You just had your nails and hair done. Obviously you don’t need Welfare!”. Seriously? You are going to say that? Homeless adults have outreach programs that do make-overs. We should expect these folks to be dressed nicely when they come to their appointments and when they look for housing or work. Stop speculating aboutContinue reading “rants”

pride vs paycheck

Be willing to take the job, low pay and all. Take the gross job that you hate if it is the only one offered to you. Let the long hours focus your ideas of every other type of work you would rather be doing. Then, find a resource to guide you into that type ofContinue reading “pride vs paycheck”


I hear a lot of people complain about “Entitlement” programs as the downfall of our economy: that the very tools that are supposed to protect us in the worst cases are in fact bankrupting us and teaching folks to expect to be rescued. The entitlement, I think, should not belong to the poor: the entitlementsContinue reading “entitlements”

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