Steve Westly

I am typing this at Menlo College’s graduation and Mr. Westly is speaking.

He is talking about failure and the change of the American Economy. Californians have been writing the chapters of world history with the Gold rush,the silver screen and Silicon Valley. Don’t take “no” as a final answer, Do what you enjoy doing, and be brave in your attempts. Sure, you will occasionally fail, but you will also, if determined, succeed.

Mr Westly worked at E-bay and was the CA state CFO.
So, why am. I writing this in my Homeless blog and not in my personal rantings? Well, it’s simple.

We ( the united States ) have had the largest global economy for 140 years. Our ideas are flying around the world faster than ever, and we are. A smart people – I do not see any obsticles to ending Homelessness other than the barriers we give ourselves.

We need to put people to work, and we have a shortage of housing. Let’s employ workers to make low income housing. Let us employ and include the hiomeless in our economic success plan. Let us stop over looking and. Stepping over them and find ways for them to contribute, even if it is in part time ways.

We have the tools to change this, but we do not sincearly apply a broad solution or search for change because we are more focused on our individual selves and do “lip service” to this scurge so we can feel like we have done something.

Steve westly has refocused my approach to me doing what it is I like and how well I will do it

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