TWITTER: High Tech helps Low Income

It is so easy to look away, to avoid, and not think about lifestyles and situations that we want to never be part of.

It is hard to ask people to care about their fears, and it is even harder for those of us who do care – to connect with each other.  (note to self, ask for a new RAINBOW BOOK of services).

I started this blog a few years ago because of a book written by Robert Scoble. He had given a signed copy to one of his friends (whom I was dating), and I may have “accidentally” stolen the copy.  I was impressed with the chapter that stressed that the Right Audience matters more than the SIZE of the audience.  My words needed to reach the right people, and I needed to find the words of other people and agencies who had the same focus as I did.

Enter the BLOG. I threw up my pictures and resources, and I admit I click into regularly to print out addresses of places like LAHSA and Step Up on Second.  – So, this was me reaching out to the rest of the world, how did I find the others like me?

I regularly Google “Homeless News” and see what is new. By the way, that is super depressing.  (Don’t do it when you are overly emotional or you will never stop crying ). I also attend provider meetings, am active in my local community and once got a call from David Dryer’s office to discuss homeless services.  But, I still felt like I was not connecting in a meaningful way.

A few weeks ago I actually spent some time with and did a search for anyone interrested in “homelessness”. This is awesome! I currently follow: cfl_homeless , LATIMES, HomelessofHC, NBCLOSANGELES, Scobeizer (Robert Scoble) – he doesn’t really seem to care about Homeless issues or poor people;but he inspires me with his ability to promote his causes and use the web to reach out.  . I have a geek crush, pthny (picture the homeless), burbank_com (I work in Burbank), homelessguy, clickhomeless,  and  for the homeless.


Please let me know if you have anyone I should “Follow” – I like information aboutpolicies and events regarding the  Low Income, Homeless, Dually Diagnosed, etc as well as all my personal issues.

How do YOU use the High Tech to affecct the Low Income?

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