LAHSA is right about Homeless dumping

LAHSA was asked about the problem of homeless hospital patients being driven to Skid Row, and left there because they have no homes to return to, in a LA TIMES article .

Permanent shelter beds, transitional shelters and low income housing – we need so many more of these facilities. We need them for the currently homeless and those soon to be.

On a personal opinion note: we need to employ these homeless folks – even if it is at the shelter agencies – and address the reasons they became homeless. Do you remember my 12 causes of homelessness that I wrote about before? I am referring to these issues such as
1. Drug addiction and substance abuse
2. Criminal history (did you know about expungement services? Call Legal Aid at (800) 483-6251
3. Mental Health issues
4. Co-occurring disorders (Mental illness and substance abuse)
5. Physical disability
6. Developmental issues (I’ve met a lot of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome babies who are now adults on the row)
7. Victims of violent crimes. – There are not enough Domestic Violence shelters out there and it still takes about 7 tries before the battered permanently leaves the home, sometimes in a body bag.
8. Members of a street culture or family.
etc, etc

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