Homeless news is changing so fast

So many new folks are becomming homeless, about 24% of the homeless are newly (in the last 2 months) homeless. There simply is not enough shelter for everyone and more jobs are needed. Tonight, I will give you a lowdown on the changes happening – funding wise as well as the reality of what it is like to go from being housed to being homeless and exactly how large the hurdle is to regaining housing status.

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2 thoughts on “Homeless news is changing so fast

  1. As of March 15th my family is now what is called the mobile homeless. Due to this sick economy, we have lost our home and business. We have not been able to find employment, and now the 3 of us and 1 kitty live in a small, old RV and a tent. It is happening to the middleclass, but no one wants to talk about us or help us. We have been unable to obtain any aid from the goverment. Apparently it is illegal to be homeless. Hmmmm…

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