Tent City in the LA Area

Ontario Tent City is covered by the BBC press – even the rest of ther world knows tha California’s homeless population is growing , but there are few answers to address the situation. Sacramento has a large Tent City and of course, there is Skid Row Los Angeles. More folks are homeless, more houses sitContinue reading “Tent City in the LA Area”

Double Talk

“Wiley pointed out that the city offers a multitude of services for the homeless and recently unveiled a 12-point plan featuring a three-pronged approach of enforcement, intervention and prevention to deal with homelessness on the South Coast.” 3 prongs, 12 points – HUH?!? Be specific. You know my favorite three words “Measurable, Observable, and Achievable”Continue reading “Double Talk”

Homeless news is changing so fast

So many new folks are becomming homeless, about 24% of the homeless are newly (in the last 2 months) homeless. There simply is not enough shelter for everyone and more jobs are needed. Tonight, I will give you a lowdown on the changes happening – funding wise as well as the reality of what itContinue reading “Homeless news is changing so fast”

Food Drive at Vons – TODAY

It is a grass roots movement by the store to raise food for local charities. Buy an extra can of soup,carton of juice boxes, box of cereal (isn’t there a 5 box special somewhere?) and leave it at the store. ——– NO GROSS FOOD ——– Donate food you would take home and eat with yourContinue reading “Food Drive at Vons – TODAY”

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