Find a Welfare Worker on Skid Row

You are  tired and poor and hungry and most importantly a parent in a family on Skid Row. Services are plentiful but hard to understand, what do you qualify for, how do you apply, is there a waiting list?

It can be overwhelming.

Breathe and keep reading. The LA COUNTY DPSS has Welfare Workers (called EW’s) located near you.

MIDNIGHT MISSION from 7 am to 6 pm call 213-624-9258×1549

UNION RESCUE MISSION from 7 a.m. to 5 pm call 213-347-6300×1611 or x1613.


These workers are stationed in the shelters on skid row and can  help you even if your case is in another area – like Pasadena or Downy. These workers will call your current worker and co-ordinate services.

We get that it is hard to be homeless and do all the forms required of you. Come over and ask for help.

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