I just took a call from a client who won’t take a look at any job that pays less than $20 an hour.

I understand that your skills and experience have netted you a high salary in the past, however, you are now on Welfare. How about you accept  any job unless you have a really good reason not to (such as, I can’t work in a lab because I am allergic to latex, I can’t do construction because I have no arms, I can’t work for the Catholic Church because it is against my religious beliefs, I live in Palmdale but the job is in Azusa”, etc.

When you come to GAIN through CalWorks (welfare) you sign a WtW1 with your rights and responsibilities. You have the responsibility to accept any job offered to you unless you have a good reason. This is not the time or place to be a snob. A job is a job is a job, and if you are worth $20 an hour, I hope you find that position, until then be a member of the working poor.

As often as you can, pay into the system that pays out to you.

okay, I am done with my venting . .. for now

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