Why are people homeless?

John Best showed me that there are several common factors in a Homeless person’s life. Often a person has more than one of these issues as an ingredient into their homelessness.

  • mental illness – possibly undiagnosed
  • physical illness
  • poor relationship with family
  • criminal history
  • victim of crime
  • alcohol addiction
  • drug addiction
  • member of street culture/street family
  • resistant to treatment and or medication for any illnesses
  • failure in “prevention” or “social programs”
  • dual diagnosis
  • poor social skills
  • unemployment
  • poverty
  • incomplete education

Over time I will cover these topics in greater detail and explain how they are contributing factors toward homelessness.

The better conversation however, is , how do you take an individual with one, some or all of these characteristics and help them to be come a “Housed Person”?

Give me time, I will cover that too.

  • Outreach and engagement
  • Life skills training
  • Available and affordable supportive housing
  • Educated property managers
  • Accessible neighborhood resources such as stores
  • Reliable and affordable public transportation
  • Skilled and educated Police and Fire departments
  • Affordable and accessible Psychiatric and Substance Abuse treatment
  • Affordable and accessible Physical Medicine (other than the E.R.)
  • Supportive Employment
  • Social engagement
  • Support
  • Homeless Services – shelters, day centers, supportive transitional housing
  • Money Management

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